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Company Name
Phone Number
Can you give a background overview on your business?
What challenges do you face in your business?
What are your current business advantages / opportunities?
List 5 strengths as a business and personally
List 5 weaknesses as a business and personally
What age are your consumer target audience?
What sex are your consumer target audience?
What location are your consumers in?
What are your consumers hobbies/interests?
What types of businesses do you target?
What location are your target businesses in?
Who do you target within the businesses?
What are your business objectives? / What are you trying to achieve in your business?
How do your customers usually respond to you?
What products/services do you offer?
What are the features and benefits of your products/services?
What are the prices of your products/services?
List 5 known competitors
How do your prices compare to your competitors?
What is your unique selling point / how do you stand out from your competitors?
Do you have a marketing plan?
  • -- select --
  • Yes
  • No
  • I\'ve started but never finished it
What are you trying to achieve from your marketing?
Why do you feel you need support in marketing?
What budget do you have to spend on marketing per month?
Do you spend more or less than you budget each year?
  • -- select --
  • Less
  • More
  • I only spend what I\'ve budgeted
Which marketing activities have you used?
Which of those activities did you find successful?
Do you track your marketing and the responses you receive from each activity? If so, how?
What promotions/special offers have you used?
Which of those promotions were successful?
Do you have a logo?
  • -- select --
  • Yes
  • No

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