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There are many marketing tactics and strategies out there but doing everything by yourself can seem overwhelming. Perhaps you’re not sure where to begin or you don’t have time to keep up with the latest marketing trends and you want to be concentrating on running your business. As a business marketing mentor, I can help.





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Do you want to grow your business
and gain more customers but not
sure how to go about it?

Extensive Marketing Experience

Having worked in marketing for over 15 years for various organisations within the public, private and charity sector I have gained extensive experience delivering integrated campaigns, direct mail, brand awareness, rebranding, events, advertising, Customer Relationship Management, communication materials, research, campaign reporting and managing budgets

Specialise in Small Businesses

I’ve become passionate about helping small businesses succeed as they have limited time and limited budget. They can become overwhelmed by all the various marketing and therefore need the support and guidance more than anyone. Business owners have a passion in their business but don’t necessarily understand every part of running a business so I can be your small business marketing mentor.

Affordable, Professional, Knowledgeable and Approachable

Small business owners have limited budgets, I offer affordable services to suit all requirements. Many small businesses need the help and support with marketing but wouldn’t even consider speaking to a big marketing agency. I set up the Little Marketing Company to allow small businesses to come to me with their marketing struggles and not feel insignificant.

Take time to understand your business

I love hearing about people’s businesses, their journey and why they set up their business. This allows me to understand you and your business and hopefully build our relationship to work together on an ongoing basis as your business marketing mentor. This will make your life easier longer term as I understand you and your business and what you want to achieve for the future.

for just £24 per month

Join “Master Your Marketing”

Marketing is so broad it’s no wonder small business owners don’t know where to start, and feel overwhelmed!

That’s why I’ve launched “Master Your Marketing” using my 15 years’ marketing experience to create the “Go To Place for all things Marketing”.

Come and join me inside “Master Your Marketing”, and become an LMC Member!

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special for you!

Marketing Strategy

If you’re a business owner keen to get your hands on a fully-fledged marketing strategy that is jam packed with everything you need for marketing your business, then our full in-depth marketing strategy is for you.

Marketing Planning Workshop

We will take you through the marketing planning process step by step. We will offer guidance and advice throughout the marketing planning workshop and apply it to you personally, and your business.

Marketing Masterclass

This 4 hour marketing masterclass will equip you with the knowledge, skills, and understanding of the marketing process you need to plan your marketing strategy and track your marketing activities now, and in the future. 

Online Courses

We offer an online marketing course that helps you understand what marketing means for your business. You will learn how to get started with marketing for your business and how to continue it on an on-going basis.

Marketing Health Check

A marketing health check can be a really good way of checking out the marketing you are doing for your business; and it will help make sure that you are doing the best marketing for your business.

One2One Sessions

If you’re looking for something a little more in depth than the marketing health check, why not opt for a 1-2-1 consultation.


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Do you want to grow your business and
gain more customers but not sure
how to go about it?

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