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How to plan your marketing in 30 days

When running your own business there is lots to remember, lots to learn and lots to do. It’s not just about selling your product or service, but you need to market it too! Many people get into business to do what they know and love. Often marketing is not something business owners know a lot about. This can often slow down the growth of a business.

  • Do you feel that you’re not sure where to start with marketing for your business?
  • Perhaps you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the different marketing tools out there?
  • Maybe you know you need to do marketing, but think it will cost a fortune and just don’t have the money available?
  • Why not book onto our online marketing course?

We offer an online marketing course that helps you understand what marketing means for your business. You will learn how to get started with marketing for your business and how to continue it on an on-going basis.

The online marketing course offers you a clear system to follow. It will help make you more productive, less stressed and feel more in control of your business marketing. After our online marketing course you will gain a better understanding of how to get to the right customers and talk to them in the right way and through the right channels.

Our online marketing course is called “Plan Your Marketing in 30 Days”. You will get a step by step guide to plan out the marketing processes for your business and recommended systems too. This online marketing course has been created from a 16 year marketing career and you can gain from all the experiences and knowledge achieved over this time.

Each chapter of the course is split into bite size chunks. This enables you to easily complete each chapter within a day and have your marketing plan completed within 1 month. We know business owners are juggling numerous plates all at one time and we have created this course with those people in mind. It’s a course for the busy business owner.

After you’ve completed the marketing course online you will have a marketing plan ready to use in your business. You will have your target audience defined, review of your products and services. You will have established pricing and marketing activities that will reach your ideal customer. This will result in an action plan for you to start marketing your business.

The course includes videos and worksheets to show you how to complete a marketing plan. This is broken down into 30 chapters where you can take 1 chapter a day.

The chapters include:

  • Defining your target audience
  • Reviewing your competitors
  • Look at what marketing activities are working
  • Look at what marketing channels to use
  • Review your products / services
  • Branding
  • Business Goals
  • Marketing objectives
  • Marketing strategies
  • Resources
  • Action Plan
  • How to measure your marketing

At £197 you can buy the Little Marketing Company’s online course and have a marketing strategy and plan in place for your business to keep you on track and feeling in control.

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