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Outsource Your Marketing


Looking to outsource your marketing?


Need an expert marketer?


Looking for someone to take on your marketing but want to avoid hiring someone?


Are you struggling to find someone who knows how to do marketing?

Your marketing person is leaving, and you need to bridge the gap until you get someone else.
You may have a big project coming up and need a professional’s experience to take control of the project and see it through, putting you at ease knowing you have someone experienced on hand.

Allow us to provide you with marketing services for a much more affordable cost than hiring an in-house marketing team.

Finding someone who is reliable and can do the marketing can be challenging. The bonus is you get the strategy and the implementation with us. We have the expertise and background to complete a marketing strategy and also offer to implement this for you. So you don’t just hire me and my experience you hire my team.

LMC are knowledgeable marketing strategists who can support your business, from creating your marketing strategy to implementing all the activities. As your outsourced marketing support, we’ll handle all your marketing or your marketing team.

If you’re looking for a way to maximise the impact of your marketing without breaking the bank, outsource your marketing is the way to go. Our experienced team can handle your marketing requirements while providing the flexibility to adjust your marketing strategies depending on your current needs.

So we’ve got you covered if you need a marketing strategy written for you or a campaign plan for a specific audience and objective or social media management. We can implement the marketing tactics within your marketing strategy. Everything from digital to traditional marketing methods: social media, Press releases, Email newsletters, social media ads, Websites, Sales letters, and Google Ads. You name it! Everything in your strategy we can support you with implementing.

If you outsource your marketing you won’t have to worry about any tedious administrative duties associated with managing employees, such as pension and holiday pay, micromanaging, or the complexity of additional benefits.

You don’t need to train my team or me on marketing – we just need briefing on your business.

The Benefits to Outsource your Marketing.
• Reduce costs.
• Marketing Expertise
• Insights and trends
• Flexibility – whether it’s 5 days or 3 months or 12 months, or 3 years.
• You get the quality for short periods.
• Free up your head space to focus on business.
• Support your team or become your in-house team.

Let us be the extension of you and your business vision and help take away your worries when it comes to marketing.

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