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Welcome to The Little Marketing Company, I’m Natalie Brannigan owner and founder of LMC. As you can see through the website I offer a wide range of services. I can help you analyse your marketing and decide how you will move your business forward. I also help businesses create a marketing strategy and plan unique to their business and needs, I run regular workshops and seminars to really help business owners gain a better understanding of marketing.

I’ve worked in marketing since 2005 for various organisations from private sector, public sector, Business2Business, Business2Consumer, Local Authority, Government and Charity.

Marketing Mentor For Small Businesses

Over the years I’ve learnt the tools and techniques needed for successful marketing. I became passionate giving advice to small businesses on their marketing and seeing their business grow. From this I decided to set up my own business to advise and support small businesses with their marketing. And so, The Little Marketing Company was born!

Here at The Little Marketing Company, as a marketing mentor, I’m committed to helping small, medium and start-up businesses to grow, evolve, and reach their true potential through effective marketing strategies and activities.

I understand that, for many SMEs, tight budgets, limited time, and limited resources, mean that marketing can often fall on the back burner. But it doesn’t have to be that way. I firmly believe that businesses of all shapes and sizes should have access to the marketing tools, knowledge, and expertise they need to grow. Also as a member of the chartered institute of marketing (CIM).

The Chartered Institute Of Marketing
fsb member

With this in mind, I have developed a range of specialist, cost-effective marketing services in line with the unique needs and requirements of small and start-up businesses.

Armed with over a decade of experience working within marketing and communications in various sectors, I truly understand the marketing needs of small, medium businesses, start ups and entrepreneurs in a wide range of industries and sectors, including public sector, local government and local council, business to business, and charities.

Having delivered comprehensive fully integrated marketing campaigns, plans, and strategies, I have a wealth of experience implementing marketing activities such as marketing planning, advertising, branding, Customer Relationship Management, events, social media, exhibitions, digital and online marketing, and more.

Bringing together strong analytical skills, attention to detail, outstanding initiative, project management skills, and of course, endless enthusiasm, I pride myself on delivering a reliable, efficient, and flexible, marketing support service with proven results.

I’m passionate about helping small businesses to thrive and grow and go to every length to ensure that we deliver optimum results at affordable prices. If you’d like more information about how I can support you and your business as a marketing mentor, please get in touch

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