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Marketing Event in Peterborough

Come and join us for our next marketing event in Peterborough.

As a small business owner, times can feel challenging. It might seem like everyone is cutting back, but that’s not necessarily the truth.  

With the cost of living crisis and a looming recession we need to ensure we are equipped as business owners.  

We hear the word recession and automatically think of saving our money and cutting back, which includes our marketing budget.   

But history and stats show we need to do the absolute opposite.  

As an experienced marketing strategist working with big businesses, charities and SMEs like you, the worst thing you can do right now is cut back on your marketing.  

It’s been proven time after time that investing in your marketing will help you see through this recession and beyond and be stronger than ever.  

If you cut back, you risk losing potential customers and, worst-case scenario, your business.  

I don’t want that for you, and I’m sure you don’t want that for yourself.  

Marketing is so big people don’t understand how to use it effectively for their business.  And that’s where we can help and our next marketing even in Peterborough is the perfect opportunity to find out how. 

Now is the time to be marketing your business more than ever!! 


We will be talking about:

  • How to market your business during a recession
  • Why you need marketing for your business
  • Why not to stop marketing
  • Is marketing an expense for your business
  • Lessons learnt as a business owner

The event will be hosted by Natalie Brannigan, The Little Marketing Company’s owner and founder, where she will share essential tips, tricks, and trends throughout the day.

  • You learn so much more watching and interacting
  • You can ask burning questions
  • Be inspired to do something different for you and your business
  • You will also make new connections and build relationships with other people in business.


Here at The Little Marketing Company, we have over 16 years marketing experience. Over the years I have worked with business owners and hear the same questions and concerns. There are some key things that business owners really don’t understand or can’t get their heads round. We will tell you the myths and give you clarity on what you should be doing in terms of your marketing.

This marketing event in Peterborough is not to be missed! 

Let’s get your marketing back on track

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