The NEW Six Week Marketing Program

Our six-week marketing program will help you with all things marketing,

giving you the tools required to get your Marketing Mojo back!

Marketing Course

Running your own business requires so much more than just selling your products or services. There are so many things to remember, so many small jobs that amount to big jobs if not completed or done correctly and the marketing of your business is one of those jobs.

Marketing may not be what you love; it might not even be something you know very much about, but incorrect marketing of products can affect the growth of the business, so it is in your best interests to learn the foundations of marketing.

  • Unsure about where to start with your business marketing?
  • Maybe you are aware of the benefits of marketing but afraid of the costs?
  • Overwhelmed by all the marketing tools available and not sure what to do first?

Well, what if I were to tell you that I could offer you an easy to follow, affordable and beneficial marketing program.

Our six-week marketing program will help you get to grips with all things marketing; it will equip you with the tools you need to understand your business marketing better and allow you to assess your marketing needs on an ongoing basis.

Our program will not only help with your marketing, but it will also decrease stress, increase productivity, and allow you to take back control of your business and you’re marketing. 

“I have created the ‘Get your Marketing Mojo Back’ Six Week Marketing Program, from using the collected knowledge and experience I gained from my 15 years in the industry. I want to use this experience more than ever to help businesses that have suffered through the pandemic. So, let’s work together and get your marketing mojo back.”

So, what will you get from the program?

We will go in-depth into your marketing strategy, so you understand the foundations of marketing the step-by-step process I teach people that have worked with other small business owners for you to apply to your business.

  • Get clear on your Ideal Client
  • Messaging to hook in your audience
  • Reassess your products/services to give stand out to your audience
  • Set Your Business Goals and break these down into targets
  • Set Your Marketing Objectives and break these down into targets
  • Know Your Competitors
  • Review your marketing and see what’s working
  • Marketing strategies – Look at what marketing channels to use
  • Your Brand and Your Business Brand
  • Action Plan – to keep you on track and accountable

You will have me by your side to assist you for the whole six weeks; I will take you through step-by-step giving you my recommendations for your business based on your business individual marketing needs. Along with tools and techniques to use during the program and to take away.

The course is split into bitesize chunks, which will be delivered to you each week, making each step more manageable and means that you will have your marketing strategy complete by the end of the program.

By the end of our six-week marketing program, you will:

  • Have your target audience defined
  • be able to talk to your customers more effectively
  • have established your offering
  • have clear marketing activities that will reach your ideal client
  • Confidence to take back control of your marketing
  • Have your Marketing Mojo back?

Each week there will be a One Hour live session and then a check in accountability call at the end of each to keep you on track. Worksheets will be available for you to complete along with my checklists, tips and How To videos to support you.


At £295, you can join our 6 Week Program and have a marketing strategy and plan in place for your business to keep you on track and feeling in control.

The Six Week Program will start on Monday 31st January so you can have your marketing strategy and plans in place ready to start 2022!

  • No longer feel overwhelmed
  • Gain Your Confidence Back
  • Learn the Power of Consistency
  • Know Your Target Audience
  • Step by step plan you can follow