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Money Making Marketing Plan

Our Money Making Marketing Plan is a One2One session for the entire day where we sit down and go through ideas for your marketing plan. So rather than the Little Marketing Company writing the Marketing Strategy for you, we would discuss everything and come up with the ideas together.

A full day’s session face2face or online will allow us to delve deeper into your business and how we set your money making marketing plan to move your business forward going through the ’Marketing Strategy Framework’.

We would spend time going through the marketing strategy framework. This involves looking at your goals, objectives, what marketing has worked in the past, delving deep into your target audience, looking at competitors, reviewing your brand and messaging. Then looking at the various marketing activities and tactics, we could do to reach those goals and promote your business.

Finally, we will end the session by planning everything in detail, so you have a detailed plan to take away and act. We would also look at your resources within this session: what time and budget you have each month to do all the proposed activities.

You will come away with a detailed money making marketing action plan for you to follow for your business.

What will we cover?

The session will involve looking at delving deeper into your business. Completing four questions:

  • ‘Where are you now?’
  • ‘Where do you want to be?’
  • ‘How will you get there?’
  • ‘How well did you do?’

During the money making marketing session we will look at 4 main areas:


Where you are now

looking at the situational analysis and what can affect your business externally politically, economically, socially, technologically, legally and environmentally (also known as a PESTLE analysis) and internally looking at your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (also known as a SWOT analysis) and externally go through your target audience, your competitors, your brand, your team.

Where you want to be

setting your marketing objectives and goals

How you are going to get there

looking at the marketing strategies in line with your objectives and goals

How well did you do

evaluating your marketing activities

How much will the Money Making Marketing Plan cost?

The cost for the Money Making Marketing Plan is £695


Upgrade Option 1 – the Ultimate Money Making Marketing Plan (for an additional £495)

Where you can have us on hand for 30 days after your session to support you with any questions or queries you have whilst you start implementing your money making marketing plan. That’s just £16 per day!! To have us on hand for 30 days.


Upgrade Option 2 – the Supreme Money Making Marketing Plan (for an additional £995)

Where we will write up an in depth marketing strategy for your business and create a 12 month detailed action plan for you to implement. The action plan will include everything that needs to be completed in priority order along with tasks assigned to relevant team members with deadlines and relevant costs. This saves you time spent hours pulling your marketing strategy together, allowing you to then just implement the action plan to stay on track.

Contact us today to find out more about our Money Making Marketing Plan; who knows where you could be this time next year!