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Get organised with
your christmas marketing

There is no reason why Christmas can’t be a jolly time for you and your business! Especially if you were to spend the same quality time on your Christmas marketing as you would buying gifts for loved ones.

Do you wake up in the early hours thinking of all the things you could do to promote Christmas within your business?

Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the marketing you could be doing this Christmas and unsure where to start?

Perhaps you would like more business clarity, an increased focus on your Christmas marketing and less time procrastinating.

If the answer is yes, then panic no more. We have created your very own easy to follow Christmas marketing checklist. Like the infamous man in red, we are here to deliver Christmas miracles for all small business owners! But, you will be pleased to know that, unlike the jolly white-bearded man, we don’t need to do anything quite as intrusive as creeping in your house down your chimney at night.

To receive your little Christmas marketing saviour, all you need to do is provide us with your name and email address below.

Christmas Marketing Checklist

This marketing checklist has helped me massively! It gives me a focus of what I need to do. I’m no longer procrastinating over what I should be doing or what I haven’t been doing as this checklist give me the structure I need! Thank you LMC for saving me!

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