VIP Marketing Strategy Day


Do you have good intentions to keep on top of your marketing, but the day-to-day side of your business takes over and before you know it, the working day is over, and your marketing is still unfinished. You know what you are doing but just need that accountability to get started? Or maybe you have a team who are doing your marketing, but they don’t have the strategic expertise to push the business forward.  


Are you serious about your business and you want to market effectively to your ideal customer?  


Our VIP Marketing Strategy Day will equip you with the knowledge, skills, and understanding of the marketing process you need to plan your marketing strategy. Gain the skills you need to track your marketing activities now, and in the future. During the 1-2-1 session, we will spend the whole day (6hour session) going through all elements of the marketing strategy and help you apply them to your business.  


Contact us today to get started with your marketing strategy, who knows where you could be this time next year!