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10 Ways a Marketing Consultant Can Help Your Business


You might not understand the need of a marketing consultant like you would an accountant but that shouldn’t be the case because marketing consultants are invaluable to businesses.  

Marketing consultants can provide the platforms for your business to stand, they can support you throughout any stages of your business journey and are the PPE that shield you from competitors.  


So, what are the ways in which a marketing consultant can help your business? 

1. Marketing strategy – You will not be able to successfully grow your business without a marketing strategy in place. A marketing consultant will help your business by implementing a strategy that will create cohesiveness across the board.  


2. Brand identity – A big part of why people invest in businesses is due to the personability of the business. We like to know that we are buying from another human – so a marketing consultant will help portray what you do and why you do it. Providing just enough of a backstory to encourage people to see that they are investing in a person and not just the business. 


3. Search Engine Optimisation – Many online experiences begin with a search engine. So, if your business is not easily found on Google then the chances are – your competitors are being seen before you. A marketing consultant will ensure that your business is and remains visible online through keyword research and creative content. 


4. Websites – Professional web design and development is a tactical and quite niche part of a business. A marketing consultant will ensure that your website is user friendly, provides answers to questions and is aesthetically pleasing.  


5. Content & copy writing – Content and copy writing are the bricks that pave the way to the bigger picture. When done correctly, content writing is informative and allows you to detail your business history, the whys into starting your business and a chance for you to be personable. Whereas copy writing is the art of persuasion, you will want to provide your unique selling point (USP) and detail why others should choose you over your competitors. A marketing consultant will understand the very important difference of the two and utilise them accordingly. 


6. Pay-per-click advertising – Pay-per-click (PPC) management platforms like Google AdWords allow businesses to write and place sponsored ads in search engine results. Although the benefits are abundant, PPC can be time consuming, especially for small businesses. By hiring a marketing consultant, you can outsource the management of PPC work and focus on the aspects of your business that you can do and have time for. 


7. Social media marketing – Although social media may seem like a relatively easy thing to manage. More often than not businesses start well but steer down the ‘I haven’t got time’ or the ‘Just use the post from last week’ road. Hiring a marketing consultant to free up your time is just one of the reasons you should hire one. They will determine the right platforms to use, keep your content on trend and customise a social media plan that will stay ahead of competitors and create social media successes. 


8. Design – This is one of the best ways to generate feels for your business. Visuals, when done correctly are great at grabbing the eyes of onlookers. They help transform leads into sales and with a marketing consultants help you can ensure that the leads are regular, and the sales are frequent.


9. Mentoring – Have someone by your side, someone who can proofread your whole business and for more information on how a marketing consultant can actively mentor you and your business – take a look at one of our earlier blogs ‘What Is A Marketing Mentor’  


10. Brand Extensions – The purpose of this marketing technique is to increase awareness of a brand. When considering a brand extension, your marketing consultant will pick markets that preserve your brand’s unique associations and quality. This way, you can develop new products that consumers will understand the benefits of. However, you should also be mindful that, in some cases, businesses exploit their brand and, in turn, ruin it – your marketing consultant will help you to develop products that are closely tied to your business values to remain authentic.  



If you want help with marketing your business and require a knowledgeable marketing consultant, then why not take a look at the services we offer here at The Little Marketing Company by clicking on the link below:  

Do you have a marketing consultant to help your business? Have you always known the value of marketing or are you one of many who believe that your website is marketing enough? Perhaps your business is expanding, you are struggling to keep up with the demands of a busy business and this blog has inspired you to hire a marketing consultant to alleviate your marketing stresses. We would love to know what you think in the comments below.