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5 Ways to Advertise Your Business 


In order for your business to survive in the overflowing sea of competitors, you must find incredible ways to advertise your business. Unfortunately, a few social media posts, an advertisement in the local paper or even a website is simply not enough on their own. 

The good news is that with the world being more digitally involved your possibilities for advertising just hit a whole new level. First, let’s take a look at why advertising for your business is a must!! 


Benefits to advertising your business 

  • Increase brand and product awareness  
  • Attract new customers  
  • Give your brand a voice 
  • Improve brand positioning 
  • Increase sales volumes 
  • Competitive edge  

There are so many incredible ways to advertise your business, we have listed 5 below for you to start with TODAY. 

1. Make sure you are known on Google business

Google my business is a great way to advertise and promote your business. Your business will appear in Google searches including Google maps which is why it is important to create a compelling and professional Google business profile. With so many people accessing the web you never know who will stumble across your page.

2. Make sure you have a website

In order for your business to be considered authentic and trustworthy a website is a ‘must have’ for marketing. This doesn’t need to be an expensive website, just somewhere that people can access to browse your products/services and testimonials. Remember that no matter your budget, your website should cover the following things: 

  • Who you are? 
  • The backstory of your business  
  • Product/service information  
  • Contact information  
  • Your brand personality – consistent branding  
  • Testimonials  
  • Any promotions you have on 
  • Links to your social media platforms 

If possible, try to avoid the ‘free’ web design pages – investing money into a website will pay for itself when you start to get regular clients. Having your own domain name and professional look speaks volumes to searches and can even be the deciding factor to choosing you or your competitor. 


3. Blog

Blogs are incredible ways to advertise your business. They present opportunities for you to show off your expertise, approachability, and your genuine aspiration for helping people. Blogging is a fantastic promotional tool, and you can link them to your social media platforms for a higher engagement rate. Some great blog ideas include. 

  • How to guides 
  • Lists of strategies and resources  
  • Behind the scenes / day in a life of 
  • Guest posts  
  • Thought leadership posts  
  • Case studies  
  • Educational blogs on your industry  


4. Optimise and share on social media

It is all very well and good creating great content but if you are not utilising social media or sharing your content anywhere but within the 4 walls of your business, then it is going to fizzle out instead of becoming something incredible. The best thing about social media is it is FREE. You have the power to share as much as you like on your business pages.  

You can: 

  • Invite friends and family  
  • Share your page on local community sites 
  • Link your page to your website  
  • Link all of your socials together 
  • Connect with other businesses 
  • Take part in competitions  
  • Pay for social media Ads 
  • Join networking groups  
  • Create stories and videos  
  • Go live  

The possibilities are endless, yet still most companies struggle to stay consistent with their social media postings. Here at LMC we offer a few social media services. including: 

  • Social media plan – 30-day social media plan where we provide the ideas and content for you to post each month 
  • Social media branded images – 5 social media branded images to use across social media platforms  
  • Facebook Ads  

Take a look at our pick n mix menu for more, by clicking on the link below: 


5. Strive to get local press

Sometimes the thought of selling, even with your own business can be intimidating and off-putting. However, it is something that you will need to do in order to accomplish your business goals. That one cringe-worthy moment could result in a major business deal or get you the recognition you have been searching for. Local newspapers are always up for covering new local businesses within their online and hardcopy papers. As a show of supporting their community – See if you can contribute an article that shows off your expertise, provide a thought leadership piece or highlight your latest deals. If your contribution is compelling enough, they might even do a feature piece on you and your business. You never know unless you ask.  


For more information on why advertising for your business is so important. Why not take a look at one of our earlier blogs ‘What Happens If Businesses Stop Advertising’ by clicking on the link below: 



Have you been struggling to come up with innovative ways to advertise your business? Has the well of ideas run dry? Maybe you started off advertising your business consistently but now you find it time consuming and hard to manage. We would love to know more about what you think of advertising your business, maybe you use another form of advertising we didn’t cover, or perhaps you have been inspired by this blog – let us know in the comments below.