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Benefits of a Marketing Consultant – Independent, affordable advice

The Benefits of a Marketing Consultant – independent, affordable advice. In the lifespan of every small business there will be inevitable tipping points as you become increasingly successful – you outgrow premises, a one man operation has to take on staff or that old van simply doesn’t reflect your success. Without realising it you have become a professional operation. However the one resource nobody can acquire are more hours in a week.

Frequently it is a hard decision to overcome, the indisputable fact that you do need some assistance so freeing you up to concentrate on what you do best – driving your business forward.

Even if it hasn’t been a conscious decision all small businesses do market themselves by reputation, verbal referrals or simply van signage. But a point is always reached when a formal marketing strategy becomes essential to either maintain workload or to grow the business.

Initially a full time marketing person is generally not warranted and will exceed the marketing budget. Alternatively hiring a marketing agency is costly and they are primarily geared up to service larger organisations. So the best option for a small business by far is to utilise the services of a marketing consultant.

You could benefit from a marketing consultant as they offer a wealth of experience gained across many industries; they are proficient in all forms of marketing from print advertising and exhibitions through to the latest digital strategies and the best use of your data. Many will also provide knowledge and hands on experience of you own marketplace so giving you pinpoint advice on what definitely works and what doesn’t provide a worthwhile return on your investment.

Here are the top 10 benefits of a marketing consultant and why they could help you as a small business owner:

  1. A reputable, qualified professional offering many years of marketing experience and knowledge gained in successful businesses prior to setting themselves up as a marketing consultant
  2. Far more cost effective than an employing a marketing manager
  3. Providing the latest marketing trends and methods to save you time in researching your own
  4. A wider overview, as we all can become too tightly focused on the day to day issues surrounding our business
  5. Gives you clear, precise goals and objectives – breaks down the effective marketing activities that will work best for your small business rather than you being overwhelmed by so many options – here is a blog explaining why a marketing is important to small businesses:
  6. A fresh pair of eyes will always provide a more objective opinion and suggest initiatives, detached from the emotional ties and pressures of running the business
  7. Saves you time and money – time is a limited resource that you can spend far more effectively on your daily commitments and routines
  8. Provides the benefits and cost efficiencies of a short term commitment that can be utilised as and when required
  9. Assists in the key marketing element of defining your exact target audience – here is a log to defining your target audience 
  10. Sets personal aims and objectives, keeping you on track and personally accountable


The Little Marketing Company was launched specifically to work hand in hand with small businesses that don’t have the time or the resources to achieve all of their marketing goals. Our strengths lie in helping you plan your marketing campaigns and define your objectives. In keeping you accountable by regularly keeping in touch to ensure that you are on track and marketing yourself positively. Like you, we are also a small business ourselves driven by the desire to offer affordable marketing advice to other small businesses and to help them grow and achieve their dreams!