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Do you make your customers feel special?


Let’s turn that question around; which is often a great marketing ploy. We are all customers so what marketing devices make you feel special? Plus, does a feel-good factor influence your decision to buy or at the very least investigate further?

Market research generally states that people make decisions based on rational, conscious thought processes. However in reality most decision-making happens at the non-conscious level. In other words when you are feeling positive and have been made to feel that your individual needs cannot be met elsewhere.

You and your customers are intelligent enough to know that you are being influenced by the marketing and advertising all around us, but you still make that buying decision regardless!

So how do you make your customers feel special?

The key factor is to always give the impression that they are your best customer in a marketplace of one! Your products or services were designed with only them and their specific needs in mind.

It is often the small things that count, so what should you strive to achieve?

  • Attention to the smallest detail
  • Tailor your service to those individual needs
  • Offer the highest level of service
  • Act straight away, regardless of workload and always follow through on promises and time scales
  • The customer is always right – a hackneyed statement, but all too true

These five small points all add up to prove that you care positively about each of your clients. Remember that a satisfied customer will sing your praises and we all know that positive recommendations are a great form of advertising. Conversely a bad reputation will just as easily undermine all of your efforts.

Go the extra mile and listen carefully every time that you make contact and record those details and act on them. A short email or phone call goes a long way especially at:

  • Christmas or a birthday
  • A launch or business anniversary
  • When they enjoy a big business success, a new contract
  • Remember their personal details – upcoming events such as marriages or children’s exams, did you win that golf match?

It is only a small investment in time on your part, but making the most of every opportunity reminds your clients that they are considered special and will enhance that positive connection.

Marketing is often about best practice and The Little Marketing Company is always here on hand to make you and your company really special.