Two x 6 Month Planners


Receive your 12 months in one go, delivered as two planners to allow for a handy size to carry around, both 6 month planners posted out together

What You Get

  • Undated planner so can start anytime of the year
  • 6 Months broken down into Quarters, Months and Weeks
  • Templates for Planning your Marketing
  • Everything in one place for you to refer back to
  • Set out your goals for the year
  • Break goals down into Quarters, Months and Weeks
  • Review your marketing to keep you on track
  • Identify Your Ideal Customer
  • Map out Your Products / Services
  • Tools and Templates to Map out your content for the year
  • Break down by quarter, month and weeks
  • Social Media Monthly & Weekly Plans
  • Templates to create email newsletters and blogs
  • Monthly Reflection
  • Review Monthly Targets
  • Weekly Checklists

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