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What Does Marketing Success Look Like to You? 

Marketing is the fuel behind any business. It’s what powers us towards our goals. Marketing success is what many business owners dream of for their businesses, but what does marketing success actually look like?  

It’s essential that you put your marketing goals in place. This way you know what you are aiming for and you know when you have achieved these goals. When you have achieved your marketing goals then you have achieved marketing success. 

However, the important thing to remember is that marketing success looks different to everyone. We all want different things out of our marketing; therefore, our marketing goals are different. Your marketing goals are dependent on what you want to achieve. This varies from business to business. 

Here are the three most common markers of success: 


Some businesses set themselves the marketing goal that they want more good quality traffic to their website. To create this goal, you need to understand how big your audience is and how much traffic you could gain to your business. You also need to think about what this traffic looks like. Is this traffic to your website or actual footfall traffic through your front door? Take the time to understand who your audience are, where they are and what they are doing. Then you can create timely content that will help you achieve marketing success for your business. 

Opportunities and Leads 

Other businesses set their marketing success as gaining real opportunities and leads. These are individuals that have demonstrated a need or desire to purchase from the business. With the help or persuasive content and some strong sales copy, you can give your potential client a little nudge to purchase from you when they are researching products or services that your business offers. It’s important you get the balance of opportunities and leads right though. If you get too many you could end up letting potential clients down. 

Sales and Revenue 

The third common marker of marketing success is sales and revenue. If the traffic to your website isn’t converting to real sales and generating revenue for your business, then the marketing campaign is failing. It’s a good idea to work with a marketing specialist, like the team here at The Little Marketing Company, and build up knowledge of how traffic converts to opportunities and sales for your business. This is done by looking at historical date, trends, and the industry.  


So, these are the top three ways that businesses define marketing success. But what does marketing success look like for you and your business?