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You MOT your car what about your marketing?

Our cars are important to us. These are the things that get us to and from the office each day. Our cars mean we can go to important client meetings, training sessions and networking events. A good car is important to business as it enables you to do so much.

Understandably your car is important to you as a business owner. In fact it is so important to you that you book it in for an MOT each year. This is chance to make sure the car is still well looked after, in good condition at not at risk of breaking down. A car breaking down to really badly affect your business, so you want to make sure it is always in a good condition so it can be relied upon.

However, just as there is wear and tear on your car each year, there will be wear and tear on your marketing too.

Things change over time. Go back 30 years and the internet was still a pretty new thing that not everybody had. Now most of us can get on the internet wherever we are, in the palm of hands, through a smart phone. Businesses that were around 30 years ago have had to change with the times and change their marketing too.

When was the last time you looked at your marketing?

Facebook advertising may not have worked for your business before, but now you have a new offering Facebook advertising could be ideal. Perhaps you didn’t want to consider LinkedIn before but now think it could be perfect for your business. One blog post a month may have been fine when you set up, but you have loads more to talk about now so why not reassess your marketing and have a blog post a week?

There are so many small tweaks and changes that can be made to a marketing plan for your business. A marketing plan isn’t a one-off thing either. It needs to be reviewed and assessed regularly to ensure you’re meeting your goals.

Your business, target audience and marketing budget will change over time so you need to make sure you MOT your marketing, not just your car.

Taking your car in for an MOT can be a pain as you have to wait around for the checks, repairs and more. Why not book a marketing MOT with us the day your car is due for an MOT. We can meet at a local hotel or cafe and review your marketing plan with you whilst you wait for your car.

You MOT your car every year, you need to MOT your marketing too!