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While small business branding and small business marketing are often treated as the same thing, there are differences between the two. While there is some overlap, and marketing and branding can work hand in hand, it’s important to understand the distinction.

What Is Small Business Branding?

Branding is about the consistent expression of the visions, core values and identity of your business. You provide brand symbolisation through your logo, and this is key to brand marketing. For successful small business branding, you need to look inward and ask questions that set your product, company culture and goals apart from the competition. Good branding questions include asking customers what they associate with your brand, how people feel about your brand and what market they associate your products too.

What Is Small Business Marketing?

Marketing for small businesses is about the tools and tactics you use to get your business and brand out there. Your marketing strategies are what will evolve your business. Your small business marketing could include SEO research, social media marketing, content marketing and data-driven solutions. You may also choose to use traditional marketing tools for your business too. Things like television and radio advertising as well as printed advertising. Effective small business marketing will attract new customers, even in the busiest of marketplaces and industries.

Should I Focus on Branding or Marketing for My Small Business?

While branding and marketing are distinct, they are not mutually exclusive. We strongly believe that every business needs both branding and marketing to compete. Successful branding will help your brand stand out from the crowd. It will help you build customer recognition and loyalty too. However, if you’re not effectively marketing your business, then the branding will go unnoticed or not even seen!

So, I Need to Do Branding and Marketing?

Think of it this way; branding is the message and marketing is the messenger. Every business needs a message and a messenger to get the message out there. Therefore, you need to work on branding and marketing for your small business. Research by SmallBizGenius says that it takes between five and seven impressions for a consumer to start to recognise a brand. This is why you need effective marketing for your brand, so your target audience continuously sees your brand and begin to recognise it.


If you need help with small business branding or the marketing for your small business; call me now. We can book a consultation to talk about your business and brand, and the best way to market it to your target audience. Contact us