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Why the Colour of Your Brand is Important? 

Colour plays a hugely important role in the way that your brand is perceived. Whether you’re a child’s nursery trying to appeal to new parents, a fashion brand wanting to connect with millennials or a finance company trying to build trust – the colour of your brand is extremely important. Through using the right colour within your brand, you can build a strong and relatable brand with your target audience. 


What Is Colour Psychology?   

 Let’s start by looking at what colour psychology is. It’s the study of colour and how colours affect human behaviour. Colour psychology looks at colours and how it affects a consumer’s everyday decisions, from what the buy, how they react and how they engage. The colour of a package will affect your consumers, so will the colour of the icon you want them to click on. 

Different colours have different meanings. However, these meanings are different for different people. This is dependent on a person’s upbringing, grander, values, location and other factors. As we have discussed in previous blog posts and in our courses, this is it is so important to have a full understanding of your buyer persona.  


 Stand out from the crowd using colour 

 Colour evokes feelings and emotions. Colours are symbolic and represent much more than what meets the eye ‘Through colour we feel, we communicate, we heal’ – Colour Psychology

By choosing the right colours for your marketing it can make your brand stand out from the crowd, instead of blending in with everyone else. If you can use your brand colours in a strategic way throughout your marketing, you can get your audience to see your business how you want them to see it. Colour psychology will help you portray your brand to your target audience in the exact way that you want to. 

It’s important to remember that by choosing the right colours for your brand will enhance the perception of your business, choosing the wrong brand colours will do the complete opposite. If you choose the wrong colours for your brand or logo, not only could it put your target audience off, but it can be less readable of hard for your audience to understand.  

Colour is used by marketers all the time to influence the way consumers think, feel and behave around a brand. It’s also used to influence how consumers interpret information they receive from a brand. The colours that you use in your brand and content will help people decide what is important. 

Make sure you choose the right colours for your brand and marketing. If you’re not sure what colours mean, psychologically, then check out our next blog post coming soon on what colours mean to consumers.