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Have you seen a reduction in your reach on your posts on Facebook recently? Perhaps you have noticed that nobody is liking your posts, or your engagement has dropped? This will be down to the Facebook algorithm changes.

Previously, if your friend liked a post, their friends would see it too. This would grow your reach and if the friend liked the post as well, it would increase your reach and encourage more engagement. However, this has now stopped, impacting your reach and engagement on posts, both dropping noticeable amounts. 


So, what can you do to work around the latest Facebook algorithm changes and make the social media platform work for you? 


  • Don’t copy and paste old posts from Facebook as this will affect your reach.  
  • Avoid asking people to like or share your posts. Facebook sees this as a ‘bait post’ and it could be marked as spam and reduce your organic reach.  
  • On the mobile version of Facebook, people will only be able to see the first three lines of a post. This means you need to make sure you get your message across in those first three lines or say something punchy that gets the reader to want to view the rest of the post. 
  • Encourage followers to changes their settings so they can see your posts first. We have created a video to show how to do this which can be found below or on our YouTube channel here


Don’t hit the ‘Boost’ button

Gaining engagement on Facebook organically is tough, however it is possible. If you’re looking to improve your reach and engagement on social media, then it would be worth considering Facebook ads. These will raise your business page to a wider audience and help increase traffic to your business which could potentially convert to sales. If you do consider Facebook Ad’s most importantly whatever you do the ‘DO NOT USE THE BOOST BUTTONYes it’s easy and accessible with just 2 clicks although it’s not the best option to reach your ideal target audienceIf you use Facebook ad’s manager you have more control over who see’s your ad’s and how you pay for it. There are more targeting options, better pricing options and bidding. 


So how do you improve your Facebook reach?

There are ranking signals which will help you improve your reach on Facebook though. By following these ranking signals, you will be able to work around the latest Facebook algorithm changes and improve the presence of your business on Facebook. These ranking signals are as follows; 

  • Respond to any comments on your posts within 24 hours, even if there is no question, find a way to respond. 
  • Think about the days and times you are posting and be consistent within this. Don’t post at exactly the same time, but similar times. 
  • Create Facebook posts that your audience want to read, can engage with and want to share with their friends. 
  • Videos are great for Facebook and will enhance your reach. Try to make sure your videos are around 3 minutes in length as this is the ‘sweet spot’ for Facebook.
  • Avoid putting outbound links in your posts that will take people away from Facebook as these will negatively affect your reach. 

These are just a few tips to help you increase your reach and engagement from the latest Facebook algorithm changes. If you need help managing your social media posts for business? Call our team!