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The success of a business hinges on customers more than ever before. The companies that are thriving and surviving are the ones that put their customer relationship at the very centre of the business.

‘Customer Journey Mapping’ is seen as something that lots of businesses have on their list, but never quite get around to as they don’t see the importance in it. However, there are some really good reasons why you need to consider the customer journey as important to your business.

A good customer journey improves the ease of the customers experience of your business. It will help you become more customer focused as a business and improve relationships as well as loyalty. Ensuring you have a smooth customer journey will also improve customer retention.

It’s a good idea to look at your business as a customer. How easy it is to deal with your business. Do you know who to contact if there is a problem, and what is the response time? How straight forward is it to communicate with your business and a real person? By understanding this information, you can identify and implement processes that improve your customer journey. Understanding if your business meets customers expectations will show you if your business is structured to benefit them, or you.

By reviewing your customer journey you’ll be able to identify touch-points and opportunities where your business can shine. For example, how frequently are you in touch with your customers. You may find that keeping in touch with them more regularly, you could pick up on opportunities that are being missed. Identify touch-points where you can interact with and impress your customers. Look for ways that you can positively influence customer perceptions, but also areas where there are vulnerabilities in your customer contact.

It’s important to make sure your whole team are involved in the customer journey. Even if they don’t feel they have any contact with the customer, they will do in some way. Ensuring your team understand how they are part of the customer journey and the importance of it, is a huge part of becoming a successful and customer focused organisation.

While a customer journey map will help the business, it needs to be used as a tool to drive improvement. Action plans need to be agreed upon, resources arranged, and progress tracked and monitored. Mapping every step of the customers journey may take time, but it is worth the effort if you devote time and resources to it in the long run too.

If you need help viewing your business from the outside and mapping out your customer journey we do offer a free 30 minute discovery call to chat through your idea’s and struggles, you can book here.

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