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The better you know your leads and the more you know about your clients, the better you are able to market to them. This is what turns a potential client in a paying client for your business. It is essential that you keep your contact lists of clients, leads and your target audience clean.

It is important to remember that the clients that used your services or products and were your top spenders may not be your top spenders this year. You need to keep abreast of your client’s well being and ensure they’re happy with the service or product you provide. However you also need to make sure that you look after all the ‘maybe’ clients too. They could be the big spenders for your business next year!

So I will ask again, how well do you know your leads? It is essential that you know who you are selling to, as this enables you to market to them more personably and engage with them the way they want to be engaged with.

When you speak to a new potential or a warm lead take the time to research them. Look at who the person is you spoke to, what the business does, any recent successes they have had and similar. This then makes it easier to build your relationship with them as you know more about their background.

As the lead is telling you what they do and what the business does ask them for more information, or for them to tell you more about that. Not only does the potential client think you are great as you want to know more about them and have an interest in them, but it means you get a better understanding of them too.

Actually listen because you are listening. Don’t listen to answer, but listen to understand. This is such an undervalued skill and something people need to pay attention too. Your lead wants to be listened to, and the more you listen the more they will reveal.

When you meet your leads make sure you pay attention to what they are saying, but also to their body language. Research shows that over 80% of our communication is non-verbal, so what they are saying in words, might not be what their body language is saying.

Use your mailing lists and CRM systems to the best of your ability. Update the client’s details with extra bits of information. If for example the client said it was their birthday over the weekend then pop it in the diary. On their birthday next year send them a birthday card or a special birthday offer for example.

The better you know your leads, the better you can market to them – how are you getting to know your leads?

If you would like some help understanding how to turn your cold leads into warm leads or how to retain your existing customers we would be more than happy to have an initial chat to see how we can help you.