A marketing mentor is like an accountability buddy in some ways, but with that little bit more magic. A marketing mentor will help you think about the marketing for your business and what you want to achieve through marketing for your business. They will then recommend ways that you can market your business. But that isn’t all.

Your marketing mentor will then work with you to see how you are getting on with your marketing. They will check you are doing it and they will track the response and return on investment with you. A marketing mentor will work with you and hold you accountable to make sure you get done what you say you will.

When you run a business it is all too easy to focus your energy in the business, not ON the business. This means that your business continues as it is, but it will never grow or improve. You need to focus on the business to help it grow, to attract new customers and to keep your brand out there.

So, what is a marketing mentor? It is someone you can bounce marketing ideas off, someone that will keep your marketing in check with you and someone that will help you grow your business, through the right marketing tools.

Now you may be wondering why you should work with a marketing mentor and there are lots of reasons.

For example a marketing mentor can give you some real-world marketing advice. They work in marketing day in and day out for different businesses of different industries. They have done for many years. Your marketing mentor will be able to warn you of marketing pitfalls to avoid and teach you latest and newest marketing techniques.

A marketing mentor can also help you bridge the gap between marketing support and employing a marketing team within your business. Employing a dedicated marketing person within your business costs money and this could be money that you don’t have available. A marketing mentor can be that step in between for your business.

Marketing is a mine-field and it is changing and evolving all the time. Your marketing mentor will enable you to fast-track your learning which enables you to make a bigger impact on your business.

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