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March 2023 National Days 

To help with your social media content, we have researched the national days so you can look through and pick out the ones relevant for your business for this month. We have researched a selection for March that covers all sorts of celebrations and awareness days. 

01/03/2023 – St David’s Day 

On the 1st of March each year the people of Wales celebrate the Feast of Saint David, the patron saint of Wales, on the day he died in 589 AD. 

02/03/2023 – World Book Day 

World Book Day is a charity event held every year to celebrate the the world love for reading, promoting reading for pleasure. This yearly event offers every child and young person the opportunity to have and read their own book. 

05/03/2023 – St Piran’s Day 

The feast of St Piran falls on 5th March every year to celebrate St Piran, the patron saint of Cornwall – as well as being the patron saint of tin miners. On this day, thousands of Cornish people join parades and pastry contests, along with coating the town in black and white/gold flags. 

06/03/2023 – No More Week 2023 

The 6th of March marks the start of No More Week, an annual and international opportunity to raise awareness of domestic abuse and sexual violence to make a change. 

07/03/2023 – National Careers Week 2023 

National Careers Week provides people within education across the country with free resources to celebrate and accept careers guidance. 

08/03/2023 – International Women’s Day 

Celebrate women’s achievements, raise awareness about discrimination, take action to drive change, International Women’s Day calls for everybody to collectively embrace gender equality. #EmbraceEquality  

09/03/2023 – World Kidney Day 

This global campaign aims to raise awareness about the importance of our kidneys, preventive behaviours, risk factors and how to live with a kidney disease, to achieve kidney health for all.  

10/03/2023 – Popcorn Lovers Day 

One of the most popular movie snacks in the UK, celebrate the universal love of popcorn on the 10th of March. The real question is… Sweet or Salted? 

13/03/2023 – Commonwealth Day 

Celebrated by people across Commonwealth, the 13th of March marks the start of a week full of activities and events based around the Commonwealth. 

15/03/2023 – Young Carers Action Day 

With a different theme each year, 2023 Young Carers Action Day has the theme of ‘Make Time for Young Carers’, aiming to bring attention to the physical and mental health of young carers nationally. 

16/03/2023 – Disabled Access Day 

Unlike many in this list, this national event occurs biannually in the United Kingdom and encourages disabled people to visit a venue they have never been before, like a cinema or coffee shop. 

17/03/2023 – St Patrick’s Day 

St Patrick’s Day marks the feast day of Ireland’s patron saint, celebrating the fascinating history and legends around St Patrick and his return to Ireland. 

18/03/2023 – Global Recycling Day 

At some point in the future the billions of tons of natural resources that the Earth provides humanity with will eventually run out. To counter this, every year Global Recycling Day highlights the key role recycling plays in preserving our planet.  

19/03/2023 – Mother’s Day 

Whether she loves a beautiful bouquet of flowers or a massive box of chocolates, don’t forget to show your love for your mother this 19th March. 

20/03/2023 – World Oral Health Day 

On the 20th of March, the world unites to help reduce the burden of oral diseases, affecting individuals, health systems and economies everywhere.  

21/03/2023 – World Down Syndrome Day 

Observed by the United Nations since 2012, WDSD aims to celebrate the uniqueness of the trisomy of the 21st chromosome causing Down Syndrome. 

22/03/2023 – World Water Day 

This year marks a special once-a-generation event named the UN 2023 Water Conference, the perfect opportunity for the world to unite and solve the water and sanitation crisis, launching the Water Action Agenda. 

23/03/2023 – World Meteorological Day 

Every 23rd March the World Meteorological Organization celebrates the day of their establishing in 1950, showcasing the contributions the organization has made to the safety and wellbeing of society. 

24/03/2023 – World TB Day 

Observed on the 24th of March, World TB Day is designed to build awareness and understanding about the global epidemic of tuberculosis and all of the efforts to eliminate the disease. 

25/03/2023 – National Skipping Day 

On this day, schools across the country celebrate the act of skipping with a list of 25 challenges related to skipping. 

26/03/2023 – Purple Day 2023 

Purple day is the biggest annual charity and awareness event within the epilepsy calendar. Did you know that lavender is internationally recognized as the flower for epilepsy, hence the name of this awareness day being ‘Purple Day’ 

27/03/2023 – World Theatre Day 

Initiated in 1962 by the International Theatre Institute, World Theatre Day is an international observance celebrated annually on the 27th of March by theatre lovers everywhere. 

30/03/2023 – World Bipolar Day 

World Bipolar Day is celebrated every 30th of March each year due to it marking the death of Vincent Van Gogh, who was diagnosed with bipolar after he died.  

31/03/2023 – Wear A Hat Day 

Wear A Hat Day is a fundraising and awareness campaign in order to raise money for Brain Tumour Research. Over the years, Wear A Hat Day has raised millions of pounds in the fight against Brain Tumours. 

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