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February 2023 National Days 

To help with your social media content, we have researched the national days so you can look through and pick out the ones relevant for your business for this month. We have researched a selection for Febr   uary that covers all sorts of celebrations and awareness days. 


01/02/2023 – LGBT+ History Month 

The 1st of February marks the start of LGBT+ history month nationwide. First celebrated in 2005, LGBT+ history month’s purpose is to usualise and celebrate the lives of the LGBT+ communities by increasing visibility and awareness of their history and experiences.  

02/02/2023 – World Wetlands Day 

Every year on the 2nd of February the world celebrates World Wetlands Day as a time to raise awareness of Wetlands: Wetlands are critically important to global ecosystems, yet they are being destroyed 3 times faster than forests.  

03/02/2023 – NSPCC Number Day 

The NSPCC dedicates one day a year to Numbers Day. The 3rd of February 2023 will allow schools nationwide to use free mathematic resources in order to boost the subject, as well as free child safety support to share with the kids and their communities. 

04/02/2023 – World Cancer Day 

Born in 2000 at the World Summit Against Cancer, this is a day to raise money and awareness in the battle against the disease. The organization behind the day works to help fight cancer for all across the world. 

05/02/2023 – World Nutella Day 

Your toast is done, your pancakes are made, your waffles are finished, and you need your favourite chocolate spread to liven up your snack. Whether it is your morning fuel or a midnight treat, the 5th of February is a day to celebrate Nutella and all it’s uses.  

06/02/2023 – National Sickie Day 

Originally coined by a British law firm in 2011, national sickie day takes place on the first Monday of February due to research stating this being the most likely day for workers across the UK to call in sick. 

07/02/2023 – Safer Internet Day 

Though it started as part of the EU SafeBorders project in 2004, Safer Internet Day is now recognized and celebrated in around 1780 countries and territories worldwide, in an attempt to raise awareness of emerging online issues and concerns.  

09/02/2023 – National Pizza Day 

Beginning as a cultural Italian dish, pizza is now one of the nation’s favourite meals both homemade and takeaway. What do you have on your pizzas? And more importantly, does pineapple belong on pizza? 

10/02/2023 – World Pulses Day 

Created only in 2018, World Pulses Day recognizes the significance and nutritional benefits of pulses – edible seeds belonging to the legume family. With the event being relatively new, have a look at what pulses you eat that you did not know were pulses. 

11/02/2023 – International Day of Women and Girls in Science 

Historically there has been staggeringly low numbers of female aspiring scientists. The 11th of February’s purpose is to raise awareness and celebrate women and girls in science, and to provide the foundations of future female scientists  

13/02/2023 – World Radio Day 

Every year World Radio Day celebrates the important role radio plays within modern society. With each year of the event comes a new theme, with 2023’s theme ‘Radio and Peace’ celebrating the power radio possesses in moderating and deescalating conflict.  

14/02/2023 – Valentine’s Day 

Hated by some, loved by others, celebrate with your loved ones the magic of the 1500-year-old holiday Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget a gift…  

15/02/2023 – Single’s Awareness Day 

While Valentine’s Day is full of love for those in relationships, it can be less enjoyable for the singles. However, the 15th of February celebrates the benefits of being single and raises awareness and appreciation for the single community.  

17/02/2023 – Random Act of Kindness Day 

Struggling to find ideas of what you can do as a random act of kindness? Check out the Random Act of Kindness Day website for some fun ideas to be kind in various situations. 

20/02/2023 – Love Your Pet Day 

Like you need an excuse to give your pet love, right? National Love Your Pet Day is celebrated by pet-lovers across the country as a day to give EXTRA love to our adorable pets.  

21/02/2023 – Shrove Tuesday 

Shrove Tuesday traditionally is the feast day before the beginning of lent the following day. To many people, Shrove Tuesday is more commonly known as pancake day! What do you have on your pancakes?  

22/02/2023 – Ash Wednesday 

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of lent, 46 days before Easter Sunday. During this period, many people across the country decide to give up something challenging. Are you doing lent this year? What are young going to be giving up? 

23/02/2023 – Helplines Awareness Day 

February 23rd 2023, will be the first ever Helplines Awareness Day in the UK. Over the years, helplines have collectively worked with and supported each other in order to provide life-affirming services for people across the country. 

28/02/2023 – National Essay Day 

For those currently in school, a painful assignment, for those finished with school, a long and hated memory. However, the goal of national essay day is to counter the unfavourable perception of academic writing.  


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