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A day in the life of a marketing strategist. 

Here is a day in the life of a marketing strategist. The last week has been a full-on week, I must admit it has been the perfect week for me as a Marketing Strategist. So let me give you an inside look at what life is like for me as the owner of the Little Marketing Company. 



To begin the week, I recommenced running after sustaining an injury last year, determined to reach the Couch to 5k goal. My Monday mornings consist of planning the week and staying connected with the team to remain on course. My afternoons are devoted to taking care of my regular client’s social media accounts. 



This morning, I had the pleasure of meeting with my business mentor, during which we established goals for the coming year. I can form long-term plans for my business but need help putting them into practice, and this is where my mentor comes in. In the afternoon, I was at the William Cecil in Stamford, where I spoke about the business, typical marketing missteps, and why creating a marketing strategy is vital. Then, after the school run and taking my little one to swimming lessons, I joined the Original Business Club in Peterborough for an enlightening talk by Paul on the sales mindset, taking away many valuable insights. 



I began the day by doing the school run, followed by a session with a possible customer to examine their proposal. Later, I held my networking session at the Straw Bear Pub. It’s a complimentary event intended for female entrepreneurs to discuss, interact and assist each other with their businesses. Afterwards, I joined a customer to discuss the work I had accomplished for them. Our focus was the consumer message for a precise demographic, probing into their dilemmas and worries and discussing the benefits of the customer’s services and why they should work with them. 

Following lunch, I consulted with my tutor as I tackled my assignments for my digital marketing diploma. Afterwards, I dedicated the remainder of the afternoon to my studies. 



I met with my accountant to review my financials and develop a profit plan. Later, I convened with a client for our quarterly review, where we evaluated the last three months and laid out our plans for the coming months. Afterward, I was able to squeeze in my next Couch to 5K sessions before fetching my child from school and taking them to karate. 



On Fridays, I always feel a slight sense of relief since the workweek has been so intensive. However, this morning, I had the opportunity to meet a new client who had commissioned me to develop a thorough marketing strategy. I find such engagements truly enjoyable since the clients demonstrate their commitment and faith in me by allowing me to go into the nitty-gritty of their business to figure out what’s working and what isn’t. Then, after evaluating their requirements, I provide them with a detailed marketing strategy to guide them towards success. This was the introductory session, and I am always fascinated by businesses, their motives, and why they run their own business. 


After conducting an extensive marketing analysis for a pre-existing client, we met with their web designer to discuss the alterations we desired for their website. We then arranged a further session to assess their marketing every month. Finally, I concluded my day for a different customer by writing a letter and email to attract their prospective leads. 


After four years of working hard in the business, I finally feel like I can structure my days to my liking. So this week has been particularly special, and I’m living life my way, managing my schedule with my clients getting the best of me each day, serving great clients every day while still pursuing my own ambitions. If you would like to read more about the day in the Life of a marketing strategist sign up to our newsletter and follow me on social media.