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January 2023 National Days 

To help with your social media content, we have researched the national days so you can look through and pick out the ones relevant for your business for this month. We have researched a selection for January that covers all sorts of celebrations and awareness days. 


01/01/2023 – New Year’s Day 

The start of a new year means different things to everybody. For some, it is time to turn over a new leaf and meet your new year’s resolutions. In business, it is the beginning of another year of marketing and operating your own SME. This day marks the time to reflect on last year’s marketing and carry that over into your yearly marketing plan for 2023. 

02/01/2023 – World Introvert Day 

For some it is the best time of the year- Christmas parties and New Year’s celebrations- while for others these festivities are too much conversing with others. World Introvert Day is a day for those who dread those times to finally have some peace and quiet. 

03/01/2023 – Festival of Sleep 

On the topic of rest, the 3rd of January celebrates the Festival of Sleep, giving everybody another opportunity to get some well earnt rest after the holiday season.  

04/01/2023 – World Braille Day 

Among the hundreds of languages around the globe, one of the most significant languages created is celebrated on World Braille Day. This day falls on the 4th of January to celebrate the birth of Louis Braille, inventor of the tactile system back in 1809. 

06/01/2023 – National Shortbread Day 

On this day, the UK celebrates one of the greatest treats Scotland has produced…shortbread. Start the new year with a sweet treat and bake your own to celebrate National Shortbread Day. 

11/01/2023 – National Milk Day 

Not to be confused with World Milk Day on June 1st, National Milk Day in the UK is a day to remember the first-time milk was delivered to houses inside sterilized glass bottles on 11th January 1878. Before that, the storage and conditions of milk were very unsanitary.  

12/01/2023 – Kiss A Ginger Day 

No, you do not NEED to kiss ginger. This day is celebrated across the UK to appreciate red heads everywhere, who often fall victim to jokes and mockery. The 12th of January is set for this day to show our love for fiery hair colour. 

14/01/2023 – World Logic Day 

Fairly new as of 2019, World Logic Day is a celebration of the ability to think, one of the most complex and defining features of humankind 

15/01/2023 – World Religion Day 

Across the globe, there are over 4,000 recognized religions. World Religion Day occurs on the third Sunday of January every year to acknowledge the diverse culture of all world religions and celebrate both their uniqueness and togetherness.  

16/01/2023 – Blue Monday 2023 

Known as the most depressing day of the year, Blue Monday lands on the third Monday of the year, laying deep in the post-Christmas blues and the cold dark nights. Keep your heads high on this famously miserable Monday! 

18/01/2023 – Winnie the Pooh Day 

18th January 1882, the beloved, honey-loving bear was first brough to life. Now, over 140 years later, the yellow bear is still universally loved among all ages as a childhood favourite character.  

19/01/2023 – National Popcorn Day 

Whether you have your popcorn sweet or salted, buttered, or caramelised, national popcorn day was created to celebrate the tasty movie snack.  

21/01/2023 – Race Against Dementia 2023 

Over 55 million people across the world are currently living with dementia. That’s why Race Against Dementia Day is dedicated to raising money to aid us in the race. People across the country get involved to raise funds and boost change in fighting dementia.  

24/01/2023 – International Day of Education 2023 

Whilst the 24th of January is a day to celebrate the vital role education plays in society, this day is also a time to raise awareness of the people who are not as lucky to have an education system available to them. 

25/01/2023 – Burns Night 2023 

To many Scottish people, Burns Night is like a second national day alongside St Andrews Day. This day celebrates the birth of Scotland’s national poet Robert Burns with a variety of cultural traditions to honour the man, including eating Haggis. 

26/01/2023 – International Customs Day 

Every January 26th we recognise the key role that Customs plays in the everyday workings of the world. It is often overlooked how necessary the officials and agencies working in customs are to us all. 

27/01/2023 – Holocaust Memorial Day 

Between 1941 and 1945, over 6 million Jewish men, women and children died due to cruel Nazi rule. On Holocaust Memorial Day, not only do we reflect on those deaths, but we also remember the genocides which followed in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia, and Darfur.  

28/01/2023 – National Lego Day 

One of the most loved toys around the world, celebrate National Lego Day on the 28th by building a new set or even planning a trip to Legoland.  

29/01/2023 – International Puzzle Day 

Don’t you just love that feeling when the final piece fits perfectly into the puzzle you have been attempting to complete for ages? International Puzzle Day celebrates all types of puzzles, from crosswords to sudokus, complete a puzzle today! 


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