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Christmas Marketing Ideas for Your Business 


You will notice that the floodgates are open to festive campaigns everywhere you turn as soon as Halloween is over. Christmas is right around the corner, and it’s time to start marketing for your business! 🎄 


But how many resonate with their audience? How many stop you from scrolling and invite you to take a deeper look? 


If you want to be on Santa’s nice list, you need to create a Christmas marketing plan for your business. Check out these eight tips for holiday marketing success.  


1. What better time to host a giveaway than during the festive period? People seem to be in a more involved mood and happier to participate in competitions – so make sure to utilise both your social media platforms and your website to promote. 


2. Customise your product packaging – Your packaging is what will reach 100% of customers, so you will want to create a memorable unboxing and unwrapping experience. Adding a Christmas touch to your products can help people get into the Christmas spirit – it will also mean that they are more likely to buy your products around Christmas as gifts for other people, boosting overall sales. Let’s not forget that by adding Christmas-themed packaging, you are providing convenience for your customers. Christmas–themed packaging can save on wrapping, reducing some of the packaging waste that occurs at that time of year. 


3. Create a ‘Christmas gift’ catalogue – Use this time to showcase your excellent products and services. Use Christmas branding and make sure to include PPC words. You could create both a digital and paperback copy. 


4. Work with a charity – Often, around Christmas time, emotions are running high. Which charities utilise to fundraise for their cause – why not pick the one you are interested in and team up with? You will donate to a worthy cause and advertise your involvement, generating positive business exposure. 


5. Bundling items – Why not take some of your most popular products and services and bundle them together? Will this work? To give you an example, Amazon uses this method regularly – You have purchased this – but did you know that people usually buy this as well? All your customers see there is a deal and are more likely to buy both based on your recommendations. 


6. Use seasonal PPC words – PPC words are crucial for selling on Google and social media – you will need to adjust these keywords during Christmas so you don’t get left behind. 


7. Have gift cards – by creating gift cards, you are providing people with the most convenient way to buy presents, and with gift cards available, you are catering to a broader audience. 


8. Marketing after Christmas – It is easy to forget the time before and after Christmas, through all the wrapping paper, mince pies and endless lists you have to complete. But remember that the void between Christmas and the new year is when people are looking to spend their vouchers and money and even exchange gifts. This is an opportune time to market your business – tell them why they need to purchase something from you – give them a solution to their problems. 


If you want to create Christmas marketing ideas for your business that don’t just add to the holiday noise, then you need to understand why Christmas marketing is so important.  


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Do you plan your business’s Christmas marketing? Or do you wing it? Perhaps you haven’t thought about the benefits of having Christmas marketing in place for your business. You could keep putting it off until ‘nearer the time but never actually get around to doing it. We would love to know more about what you think of Christmas marketing for your business – let us know in the comments below.