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Timing, Scheduling, Planning is critical for Small Businesses. People simply don’t buy flip flops in December or Christmas trees in June!

Clever marketing is all in the timing, you need to raise awareness of your products or services at the right time, in the right place and critically when your audience is most likely to buy.

At The Little Marketing Company we know that timing. scheduling and planning is critical and that for all small businesses time and money are always major considerations. So an annual marketing schedule is frequently the key to ensuring perfect timing and allowing you to get on running your business.

So what are your major considerations for successful planning?

  • When are peak buying or decision making periods
  • Is your marketplace seasonal
  • Do you have a product launch or promotion in mind
  • Are there any major industry exhibitions to attend or wrap marketing around
  • Do you know when your competitors are active
  • What is the best media option – online or published
  • What are their deadlines so you don’t miss the boat

You will undoubtedly have your own unique considerations to then throw into the mix.

Again time is very important; never rush your planning as it usually leads to later, avoidable headaches. Take time to refine plans and schedules and always, always allow sufficient time to implement them correctly. Rushing at any stage can derail even the best laid schemes.

Finally and if possible, build in a few contingencies for all the unforeseen scenarios that any business has to endure.

Is timing, scheduling, planning really that crucial?

You will never be the first to make decisions on timing, just consider the major advertisers. The big retailers launch their Christmas ads in mid-November never any later. On Boxing Day onwards you will do well to avoid the holiday companies and Cadbury’s Cream Eggs will be everywhere come mid-January. These decisions are tried and trusted.

Similarly consider what days of the week you receive posts on your own social media or when you receive emails. You never receive D-I-Y material on a Monday and supermarket bargains always appear on a Thursday to hit the weekend shoppers.

Postal campaigns generally target weekends when deliveries are reduced and when people have more time to read longer articles and adverts either online or in the papers.

The details will reap rewards!

Better returns are derived when you fully understand the habits relevant to your business. So whenever possible review previous marketing campaigns to see what worked or can be improved upon.

  • At what time of day do your clients respond to emails or social media posts
  • Can you precisely pinpoint the perfect time to promote your business – day, week or month
  • Can you get the jump on competitors – buyers are loyal and the best results often come if you are first to promote to a particular market
  • When are you clients in the right frame of mind to buy

In marketing the elements of audience targeting, the message, branding and levels of service all obviously have their parts to play. But when you add perfect timing to that mix then you really will make huge strides towards a successful future.

timing,scheduling, planning

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