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Case Study

The Power of Being Consistent



Jo, the director of Shine Coaching, first heard of The Little Marketing Company at a wellness networking event. A few months later, Jo saw the pick ‘n’ mix service we offer enticed her to inquire more. Soon after, her first meeting with the Little Marketing Company was arranged. During her session, Jo expressed concerns that she was unsure what to do with her marketing and didn’t know where to start. She also worried about her sporadic postings on social media and didn’t feel like it was working. Most of Jo’s communication with clients and potential clients is face-to-face. Unfortunately, the pandemic had put a hold on attending face2face events. Jo was reliant on drumming up business solely using online technology. There is no surprise that Jo felt slightly out of her depth and overwhelmed. During a mindset shift, she soon realised that she lacked expertise and, in particular, a marketing professional, a short/long term solution, someone who would assist her and mentor her until she felt confident enough to take back the reins. 

Jo felt that The Little Marketing Company offered invaluable services that encouraged her to take the plunge – Jo liked that The Little Marketing Company was approachable. Still, above all, we cared about her success and that we were not just in it for the monthly income.

‘I felt that you would care about my business and care about making a difference. It wasn’t just about the invoice and a one-off- trust is essential to me as a value; therefore, that is important in business relationships.

I’ve come to realise that trust is crucial to me as a value. Therefore, that is important in a business relationship. So, when we met at a wellness networking event, I thought. Finally, there is a person I can trust. I liked you and your calm and straightforward approach. I felt like you weren’t just in it for the monthly invoice and felt like you wanted to get to know my business.’


Jo understands her business ‘Shine Coaching’ inside and out. Still, the challenges Jo faced spiralled from her lack of marketing confidence – just like the snowball effect. It started with the feeling of uncertainty, getting used to the new forms of communication. Covid created a remote working environment for many. While comfortable with the online world, Jo struggled with marketing both her professionalism and expertise to clients and potential clients using social media. She is a master at what she does, but when it was time to put pen to paper, she would often draw a blank or find something else to do instead.

Jo needed help to plan her marketing, optimise her skillset in the best way possible, using The Little Marketing Company strategies. Jo was looking for both a short and long-term solution, someone to help her with professional marketing insights, advise on the best marketing tools for her business, and feel confident enough to take over all aspects of the marketing herself.


Jo required a marketing strategy that would enable her to address marketing issues and change her mindset toward marketing – to take her confidence to a new high. 

‘I had the answers, but something about booking time in with someone else, I would never book time in my diary to sit down and go through a form. So then, six months later, I still wouldn’t have done it.’ 

Jo had attended our marketing strategy workshop, so she had set the foundations in place. We had several One2One sessions over several months to keep Jo on track. It’s super important to get in the minds of your target audience. First, we reviewed Jo’s ideal client, establishing their pains and problems. We then put together a messaging document that Jo could use within her marketing communications. The 6-month marketing plan enabled Jo to implement new changes one by one each month without feeling overwhelmed. Still, it also allowed for her to handle and portray consistency. 


Jo liked that The Little Marketing Company didn’t just hand her a template and left her to her own devices. Jo felt that the process we worked through together and the questions asked reaffirmed that her decision to choose The Little Marketing Company was the right one.

‘When I received your first email, ‘here is your social media content and images’ was a tremendous sense of relief! I no longer had to sit at a screen for hours on end, struggling to know what to write. And getting frustrated because what I was doing wasn’t making any difference in my business.’

It didn’t take Jo long to realise that a marketing professional was just what she needed to get her business back on track. In hiring The Little Marketing Company, her confidence flourished and established a structure. She now had a cohesive story that made her relatable. 

‘I had to get out there as a leadership coach and this is when people started seeing and resonating with my posts. I had messages from people saying, ‘it’s like you are talking about my life”.  

Shine Coaching’s new and improved marketing process has taught her the importance of consistency and getting those marketing foundations in place. But, most importantly, all these newfound skills have given her the confidence to strive for success. 

Jo was impressed with the knowledge, approach, excellent communication, and value for money that The Little Marketing Company offer, she adds –  

“You were very honest and transparent – this is what you recommend, and this is what we should do. Never recommend anything unnecessary. This is an appropriate plan of what you need to do next.

As well as getting the copy, the plan, and the support it allowed me to also receives the time back to focus on what I can do. Networking, meetings, and picking up the phone are the things only the business owner can do. They are much more challenging to outsource and increase my effectiveness as I learned stuff along the way.

I wasn’t doing videos; I was afraid of and procrastinated over. I needed good lighting. I need to look presentable, what am I going to say. So, I now do them weekly; thank you for your encouragement and for pushing me in the right direction. Working with you gave me the importance that I needed to do them and then the confidence to do them.’

Jo had expressed that the value of service was met on several occasions. Our attention to detail and customer-facing attitude was paramount. 

‘In terms of value for money, every step was over-delivered; it wasn’t about the price; it’s about the human level and interaction. Again, it comes back to two people working together: it’s not just transactional. As the business owner, you cared about me and want my business to succeed as much as I do. 

I liked that you did things when you said you were going to and communicated with me regularly.’

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